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4-H Program Grants

July 13th, 2009

Check out these great opportunities for 4-H program funding! If these possibilities look interesting to you or your club members, don’t hesitate to contact the Extension Science, Engineering, and Technology (4heset@iastate.edu) program for more information and suggestions as well as guidance in applying for these grants.

  1. 2009 Wells Fargo Environmental Affairs Green Team Iowa Grant Program
    • Grants Available for Local Environmental Team/Volunteer Activities
    • Contributions ranging from $500-$2500, to non-profits focused on the following three categories: Renewable Energy, Green Buildings and Sustainable Agriculture.
    • These categories are not exclusive, but activities in those areas are encouraged.
    • Program aims to fund activities that promote team member engagement and local environmental volunteer efforts.
  2. For an application, please email GreenTeamIowa@wellsfargo.com. Deadline for completed applications is noon August 24. For more information, contact Brad Gerndt, Founder & President, Wells Fargo Environmental Affairs Green Team Iowa, GreenTeamIowa@wellsfargo.com, 515-324-2878, cell: 515-291-4376.

  3. JCPenney Afterschool Fund FIRST Robotics Team Mini-Grants
    • 38 mini-grants totaling $92,500 are available.
    • All members of either new or existing teams must be enrolled 4-H members.
    • Team must be located in a JCPenney Geographic District
    • Team must recognize the JCPenney AFterschool Fund on promotional material.
    • Team must compete in at least one sanctioned robotics competition. (For information about FIRST competitions in Iowa, contact the E-SET office (4heset@iastate.edu
    • Application Deadline: August 7, 2009
    • Award Amount Range: $500 – $10,000
    • Project Start/End: Aug. 31, 2009 to May 28, 2010
Teams FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) FIRST LEGO League (FLL)
(age 14-18; teams up to 40 youth) (age 14-18; teams up to 10 youth) (age 9-14; teams up to 10 youth)
New Teams 4 grants, $10,000 each 10 grants, $2000 each 5 grants, $1000 each
Existing Teams 4 grants, $2500 each 10 grants, $1500 each 5 grants, $500 each
Total 8 grants: $50,000 20 grants: $35,000 10 grants: $7,500

To review the RFP and apply for funding, please visit the online portal at http://grants.4-h.org/ .   (Note: you will have to register on the website before you can see grant details).

For further information about FRC, FTC, and FLL in Iowa contact the E-SET office 4heset@iastate.edu.

-Holly Bignall,  Iowa 4-H E-SET Program Assistant

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