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Robotics Event Videos

March 11th, 2010
Iowa 4-H Foundation 60th Anniversary Gala

Iowa 4-H Foundation 60th Anniversary Gala

Check out these great videos of the Robotics Event

You’ve probably heard about the Iowa 4-H Robotics Challenge and SET Showcase Event preceding the Iowa 4-H Foundation’s 60th Anniversary Gala on February 20th. The Event was a great success. The youth had a fantastic time testing their engineering skills and showing off their designs! The Gala attendees watched and cheered as the robots went head to head completing the challenges and impressing all the spectators. Want to see what it was all about? Check out these websites and consider getting youth in your club involved in the next 4-H Robotics Challenge!


Extension video about the event


4-H TV (youth run) coverage of the event

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Christopher Columbus Awards

October 26th, 2009

The Christopher Columbus Awards program presents an opportunity for 4-Hers that are interested in math and science to apply their interest in serving their community.  This is a program that would bring learning, service, leadership, and communication.  Clubs that are focused on science may want to participate and youth that are interested in math, science, and service can form teams.

The Christopher Columbus Awards program is a national competition that taps the natural curiosity and creativity of kids to better their communities. The program is designed for sixth through eighth grade students, and they must work in teams of three or four with an adult coach. The team must identify a problem in its community, and devise a solution that requires the team to obtain hands-on experience with the scientific process-exploring, analyzing and drawing conclusions-and learn how to apply it to everyday life.  They have invited Iowa 4-H to participate.

The finalist teams receive an all-expense-paid trip to Walt Disney World ® in Orlando, Florida, to compete in the final judging, and also to attend the Christopher Columbus Academy. The Academy is an educational opportunity that gives the finalists firsthand experience with discovery and innovation, while being guided by experts in science, technology and education.

At an awards ceremony held at Walt Disney World, two gold medal winning teams will receive a $2000 savings bond each and a plaque for each team member along with a plaque for their school/club and one team will receive a $25,000 Columbus Foundation Community Grant to bring their service idea to life.  The competition is geared toward middle school-age children, and gives kids experience in solving real-life problems using the scientific process of exploring, analyzing and drawing conclusions.
Find out more at

Jay Staker, Program Director, Extension-Science, Engineering & Technology

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4-H National Youth Science Day

September 29th, 2009

Your County could receive $400 for its 4-H Program!

Thanks to generous support from John Deere, a $400 award will be presented to one county from each state with the highest number of individual Biofuel Blast results survey submissions between October 1 and October 30, 2009. The awards can be used toward the implementation and promotion of science, engineering and technology programs in your county. After your clubs complete the experiment, make sure your members go to to fill out the survey so your county can compete for the award!

In addition, of those who submit their results through the Biofuel Blast experiment survey, five youth names will be randomly selected to receive a 32GB third generation iPod touch. The five youth will also be able to designate a 4-H club, school classroom, or youth organization to receive a Fuel Cell Car Experiment kits. Click here for official drawing rules.

Ask the Expert

Dr. Bruce E. Dale, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University, will be taking questions from youth and adults interested in learning more about biofuels. He is a leader of the recently established Department of Energy Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center (GLBRC) who work to develop cellulosic ethanol and other bioenergy sources. University of Wisconsin Extension worked closely with the GLBRC to develop this year’s National Science Experiment – Biofuel Blast!

Click here to learn how you can submit questions for consideration. Answers will be posted before 4-H National Youth Science Day, October 7, 2009.

Don’t Forget, Promote Your Events!

Just a reminder to email us at with details about your upcoming 4-H NYSD events. Please include event dates, locations, and contact information to be added to the map of 4-H National Youth Science Day events!

4-H National Youth Science Day is only a week away – pass the word!

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National Youth Science Day

September 24th, 2009
NYSD Experiment

NYSD Experiment


Are you considering using the NYSD (National Youth Science Day) experiment with your club, but are a little nervous about how to do it? Great news! The NYSD webpage now has a short how-to video on the experiment. Use this step-by-step animated video guide to learn how to lead and participate in this year’s National Science Experiment. This fun video, sponsored by DuPont and Pioneer, provides a great snapshot of just how easy and engaging Biofuel Blast is! Login to and then go to The Experiment to view and share with others.

Holly Bignall, Campus Youth 4-H Program Specialist, E-SET coordinator

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National Science Day

July 13th, 2009

Check out the National Youth Science Day (NYSD) experiment for 2009!

If you’re looking for something fun, and relevant to your club members’ lives and future, participating in this event is a great way to go. This experiment and the online resources that go with it would also make a great addition to new member recruitment efforts and for sharing what 4-H has to offer with your community.

Here’s the news release from National 4-H:

Registration Open for 4-H National Youth Science Day

On October 7, 2009, millions of youth across the nation will participate in 4-H National Youth Science Day, an event designed to engage young people in the environmental issues facing the nation. This year, youth will complete the “Biofuel Blast” science experiment to learn how renewable products, such as harvested plant materials, can make energy. Youth and adult leaders can sign up to participate online at

To view the full news release online, visit

Please contact the E-SET office ( with questions or to share your plans for participating in and publicizing this opportunity.


-Holly Bignall, Iowa 4-H E-SET Program Assistant

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Can anybody spare a wedding dress?

June 9th, 2009

The wedding dress that you no longer need could get a new life as a deconstructed and reconstructed new designer garment. All you have to do is donate it to the Iowa 4-H Foundation for the Stitch This! fashion design competition at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 21-22.

We got the idea for Stitch This! as a way to use the nine wedding dresses that didn’t sell at last year’s 4-H auction. We’d get nine teen teams — one per dress. Then, over the course of two days at the Iowa State Fair, each team would take the dress apart and use their creativity to design and construct a wearable garment from the pieces. Each team would be paired with an Iowa State University Textiles and Clothing student who would provide direction and overall expertise on patternmaking and construction.

Well, we have been overwhelmed by the response. We have applications from 50 individuals for a total of 14 teams. (You can view video applications from some of the teams on the Iowa 4-H YouTube Channel, They’re all hoping to be selected for the competition. If we just had a few more wedding dresses …

So – if you know of a wedding dress that needs a new life, please contact me at or (515) 294-1607 by June 15th. Thanks so much!

— Shelly Greving, marketing coordinator for the Iowa 4-H Foundation

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