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Calving Time Tips

March 22nd, 2010

AMES, Iowa — Spring calving season is here, and so is the mud! The extreme weather conditions of this winter combined with recent rains have contributed to the likelihood of a challenging calving season. Wet weather conditions resulting in long-term mud are a daunting test to both the cow herd and the producer.

From the cow side of things, producers strive to save as many calves as possible through a high level of management; by optimizing the herd’s health status by controlling scours, pneumonia, and other disease concerns; and maintaining a body condition that supports early rebreeding following calving. However, accomplishing these cow herd goals can be very difficult if extreme weather conditions remain in place for several weeks or longer during the calving season.

For the producer, the challenges from a muddy, wet spring can lead to physical and mental anguish associated with the 2010 calving season.  For more, please go to this Iowa Beef Center press release.

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