DDGS for Creep Feed

April 19th, 2012

I thought I’d share some of the recent beef research from ISU. One of the reports from Drs. Dahlke and Strohbehn is on using dry distillers grain as a creep feed.

Dried distillers grains is a good source of both energy and protein. This study examined the effect of providing DDGS in limited and ad libitum quantities to the young suckling calf as well as the subsequent feedyard performance. The study compared commercial creep feed provided in self-feeders, limit fed distillers grain (2 to 3 pounds per head per day), and ad libitum distillers grain. Ad libitum calves consumed twice as much as the limit fed group.

Calves were weaned and back grounded for one month prior to the feeding trial where 43 bull calves were monitored for individual intake. All were provided the same ration, and ultra sound evaluated for backfat, rib eye, intramuscular fat, breeding soundness and weight gain.

The limit fed DDGS creep group did not differ from commercially prepared creep feeds in the post weaning to yearling phase of life in regards to growth or carcass characteristics. Ad libitum calves were significantly heavier starting the feed out. They did not significantly differ in final weight or overall average daily gain. Dry matter intake was not different, but dry matter to weight conversion was significantly higher for the ad lib creep fed bulls.

The results of the distillers grain creep feeding generally seem very good since it is simple and does not negatively affect later feed out performance except for feed efficiency in the ad libitum creep fed calves. For more information and details on this project, check out the ISU Animal Industry Report A.S. Leaflet R2687.

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