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Managing Through Stress: A Livestock Information Event Is Feb. 4 | Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

January 7th, 2013

Join us for this drought recovery webinar and live meting that includes both crop and livestock outlooks and more.

Managing Through Stress: A Livestock Information Event Is Feb. 4 | Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

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Need Some Insight into 2013?

December 12th, 2012

Not sure what to plan for in 2013? This month’s ISU Ag Decision Maker newsletter has several articles predicting 2013 prices and profits. Check it out!

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Farmland Rental Rates

May 8th, 2012

Anyone involved in the cattle industry knows first-hand how farm rental rates have increased the last few years, and the impact it had on feed prices. The 2012 rental rate survey has just been released and can be found at the ISU Ag Decision Maker website.

This years’ survey estimated the 2012 average cash rent for Iowa corn and soybean land at $252 per acre, an increase of $38 per acre or 18 percent from last year. This is the largest one-year increase since the statewide survey was started in 1994. High quality land showed the largest increase in rents. Typical rental rates for land growing oats and hay also were reported, as well as rental rates for grazing pasture and corn stalks. This year rental rates for allowing hunters on farmland also were included.

Other resources available for estimating a fair cash rental rate include the Ag Decision Maker information files Computing a Cropland Cash Rental Rate (C2-20) and Flexible Farm Lease Agreements (C2-21). Both documents include decision file electronic worksheets to help analyze leasing questions.

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Estimated Costs for Livestock Fencing

April 23rd, 2012

Do you have a stretch of fence that needs replacing this summer, but are unsure about how much to budget for? Check out this revised publication, Estimated Costs for Livestock Fencing, on the costs to build 1320 feet of fence. It compares the cost for woven wire, 5-strand barbed wire, high-tensile electrified or non-electrified, and electric polywire fences. It also includes the definition of a lawful fence according to the Iowa Code.

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Dude It’s Beef!

April 2nd, 2012

It seems the media hype on lean, finely textured beef, termed ‘pink slime’ by the media, hasn’t slowed down. However it is haveing an impact on our industry to the tune of >$3/cwt on live cattle. Here’s a site sharing facts on LFTB that I thought you might have an interest in. Share this with your friends, family, and consumers to aid in educating them about the science related to LFTB.

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