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Eastern Iowa Flooding

July 27th, 2010

With some of our river bottom pastures flooded, and hay crops under water, many of you will be looking for ways to reduce the amount of hay fed for the following winter, and some of you may be forced to feed hay during this summer grazing season further tightening supplies. Following is a list of Extension publication that may be helpful as you consider ways to reduce feed supplied to the cowherd.

Supplementing distillers grains on pasture
Distillers Grains for Beef Cows

Stretching Hay Supplies For Beef Cow Herds in a Shortage Year
Managing Cow Herd Feed Needs

Short-Term and Supplemental Forages

Using Distillers Grains in Alternative Cow-Calf Production Systems

Grazing corn residue: Using resources and reducing costs

High-concentrate feeding beef cows to reduce hay needs

Renovating Pastures or Hay Meadows Damaged by Floods

Summer is also a good time to purchase and store corn co-products for feeding in the winter. Feed usage and prices are lower now than during the wither feeding period. Modified moisture products, or we products with added fiber, can be stored in a silage bag for feeding in the winter.

Don’t hesitate to contact your regional beef specialist for help in calculating the ratio of forage to wet feed for bagging, or to help in balancing rations and estimating feed needs for the winter.

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Snow melt and flooding

March 12th, 2010

The rapid snow melt and forecasts for rain bring back terrible memories of the floods of 2008. Kris Kohl, ISU Extension Ag Engineer from northwest Iowa, shares his suggestions for preparing for potential floods.

Iowa Cattlemen’s Association also posted information for producers with holding basins that may be threatened by additional rainfall.  More info can be found at the ICA newsletter site.

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