Nov. 19 GAP Workshop Cancelled

November 18th, 2014

The Good Agricultural Practice workshop scheduled for Nov. 19 in Sioux City has been cancelled. Those who registered for the workshop may transfer their registration to another upcoming workshop, said Angela Shaw, a food safety specialist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.

“Registration is open for all of the workshops that will be offered this spring,” Shaw said.

GAP workshops will be offered in Lewis on Feb. 12 (Level 1) and Feb. 20 (Level 2), in Spencer on Feb. 17 (Level 1) and Feb. 24 (Level 2), and in Cedar Rapids on March 2 (Level 1) and March 24 (Level 2). Registration and details are available at For more information, please contact Shaw at 515-294-0868 or

Level 1 training is for growers who provide food to consumers through community-supported agriculture or farmers’ markets, or are considering retail foodservice sales. Training covers good agriculture best practices and market considerations.

Level 2 workshops guide farmers in the development of a written farm food safety plan. Farmers considering sales to retail foodservices such as grocers, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions, and those interested in adding value to fresh produce and selling products in a convenience form will have the tools to demonstrate GAPs are in place after attending the workshop.

ISU Extension and Outreach faculty and specialists instructing the workshops include Angela Shaw, food safety; Catherine Strohbehn, food safety and local foods systems; and Linda Naeve, value added agriculure. The workshops are funded through a grant from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.


First Group GAP Certification

November 2nd, 2014

I was very fortunate to spend two days sitting next to Diana Endicott at a meeting of the GGAP pilot projects in Salinas, California. Her food hub has been a model for the Iowa Food Hub (IFH) since its inception and we continue to get great feedback and support from her on how to make this all work.  Congratulations to GNFF on their milestone! We are working on the IFH QMS with a goal of certification next summer.


From the Wallace Center Monthly Newsletter, 10/24/14.


Good Natured Family Farms (GNFF), a food hub located in Kansas City, has been a pioneer in a collaborative food safety protocol called Group GAP (GGAP). Based on a Quality Management System (QMS) individually designed and implemeted by a “central entity”, Group GAP is able to provide growers of all sizes with appropriate support and guidance needed to ensure compliance with food safety guidelines. GNFF and a handful of other food hubs and support organizations have been working with USDA as pilots of this innovative approach to food safety.


A new milestone was reached when GNFF was the first group to successfully pass their Group GAP audit. There are three parts to a USDA Group GAP audit: 1) The USDA analyzes the group’s system of oversight (codified in the QMS), ensuring that it contains the necessary procedures and plans for documentation, 2) The USDA visits the central entity to ensure that the procedures outlined in the QMS are being followed properly and 3) USDA performs some spot checks on farms within the group to make sure on-farm practices are appropriate, further verifying the proper functioning of the system of oversight. Because the organizing central entity must perform regular internal audits of the group’s farms, if USDA determines that the system is functioning properly then not all farms need to be individually audited by USDA.


GNFF’s group of seventeen Rich Hill farmers (5 of which were directly audited by USDA) were determined to be in compliance, and were granted a GAP certificate as a group, enabling them to sell into markets where third-party food safety certification is demanded. A hearty congratulations goes out to GNFF and their growers for this achievement, helping to pave the way for other groups interested in pursuing a Group GAP certification.


Seeking Farmer Research Partners

September 30th, 2014

Do you have questions about food safety that you would like answered? The Iowa State University On-Farm Food Safety Team is seeking growers interested in being involved in research related to fresh produce and value added product safety.  Because of past support from growers, our team has been successful with obtaining grants to answer questions and develop materials useful and relevant to you. We are recruiting growers who are willing to 1) contribute their skills and knowledge to our research team; 2) participate in research projects; and/or 3) advice plans for future research. Commitment is based on your comfort level – there is no minimal participation requirement!!  Benefits of participation include: 1) first view of project results; 2) reimbursement for travel and time on projects; and 3) opportunity to network with other producers and researchers.

How does it work?  First – sign up and fill out a short survey – this will enroll you in our pool of growers. When a grant opportunity comes up, we contact those growers with interest in that area and/or we may ask you for a brainstorming session. You decide yes or no to the opportunity. If you say “no”, you will receive no more emails for this project and we will contact you when another opportunity comes along OR if you say “yes”, we will send a follow up email with more details.   You make the decision to say YES or NO. You can ask to be completely removed from the list at any time.  Email will be a primary method of communication!  An example of a current need: We are seeking growers to assist with a Flood Food Safety Project.  Your commitment would be a letter of support and a commitment to attend 2 (in person-paid travel or via phone) meetings, provide feedback on a quarterly report of the research, and accepting an honorarium for your efforts.

Interested?  Sign up today

Questions:  Email  or call 515-294-0868.


Upcoming GAP Workshops: Level 1 and 2

September 12th, 2014

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) workshops will be Mandatory under the new FSMA Produce Safety Act for those that qualify.  The ISU Extension and Outreach GAP Education program aligns with the new program, and we will offer a supplemental session to ensure those who previously attended are in compliance with new ruling and their names are on the national registry.

The one-day workshops are offered as Level 1: KNOW and Level 2: SHOW.

Level 1 is training for growers who provide food to consumers through community–supported agriculture or farmers’ markets, or are considering retail foodservice sales. Training covers good agriculture best practices and market considerations.

Level 2 workshops guide farmers in the development of a written farm food safety plan. Farmers considering sales to retail foodservices such as grocers, restaurants, hospitals and other institutions, and those interested in adding value to fresh produce and selling products in a convenience form will have the tools to demonstrate GAPs are in place after attending the workshop.

2014/2015 GAP workshop schedule (Last discounted workshops)
Warren County Extension Office (909 E 2nd Ave # E, Indianola, IA 50125)
Level 1: October 4
Level 2: October 18

Woodbury County Extension Office (4301 Sergeant Rd, Sioux City, IA )
Level 1: November 19
Level 2: November 25

ISU Armstrong Research Farm/Wallace Foundation  (53020 Hitchcock Ave, Lewis, IA )
Level 1: February 12
Level 2: February 20

Spencer, Iowa (Location TBA)
Level 1: February 17, 9-4 pm
Level 2: February 24, 9-4 pm

Linn County Extension (383 Collins Road NE, Suite 201,Cedar Rapids)
Level 1: March 2, 9-4 pm
Level 2 March 24, 9-4 pm

Workshop Fees
Level 1: First person is $25.  Each additional person from the farm is $10.

Level 2: First person is $40 and each additional person is $20.

Attendees will receive a certificate of completion following the program.

Registration can be made directly online at If you have questions, please contact Angela Shaw at 515-294-0868 or email at


Mock Food Safety Audit Workshop is Aug. 26

August 8th, 2014

Specialty crop growers interested in food safety certification and risk management for their farms should plan to attend a Mock GAP Audit Workshop Aug. 26, 1-4 p.m. at Feed Iowa First packinghouse, 1506 10th St SE, Cedar Rapids.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is hosting the three-hour workshop to provide growers with a better understanding of the auditing process for GAP — Good Agricultural Practices –  certification. Participants will tour a new packing shed in an unused commercial building as well as an urban garden space. They will discuss harvest protocols with volunteer labor, review the basics of a farm food safety plan, observe how a farm food safety plan has been implemented, and review the USDA GAP/GHP Audit Checklist and learn how to apply it to their farm setting.


The program is funded through a grant from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.


The key instructors will be ISU Extension and Outreach specialists Angela Shaw and Teresa Wiemerslage. The fee for the workshop is $20 per participant and registration is online at For more information, please contact Angela Shaw at 515-294-0868 or email at


Download a flyer.

Download a map to the location. 


Here is a recent news story on Feed Iowa First. 

Audits, Workshops

Iowa GAP Workshops Scheduled

August 8th, 2014

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will conduct Level 1 and Level 2 GAP Workshops for fruit and vegetable producers in the Fall 2014 and Spring of 2015.
These one-day workshops are important for growers who want to better understand how GAPs can be used to meet buyers’ food safety requirements.


The training will provide assistance in writing  and implementing GAPs for  those  interested in  both wholesale  and direct marketing. The key instructors will be Dr. Angela Shaw, Dr. Catherine Strohbehn, and Linda Naeve.


Topics for Level 1 include: basics of GAP, bacterial concerns, water quality issues, composting and pest control. Topics for level 2 include:  marketing considerations and writing a food safety plan.

The workshop schedule for 2014 is shown below. Workshops begin at 9:00am and end at 4:00pm. Register by mail or online.

Click here to register online.

Download a flyer.
Date         Level    Location                                                                                                                                   Reg. Deadline
Oct. 4       1            Warren County Extension Office                                                                                       Sept. 24
Oct. 18     2            Warren County Extension Office                                                                                       Oct 8
Nov. 19    1            Woodbury County Extension Office                                                                                  Nov. 9
Nov. 25    2           Woodbury County Extension Office                                                                                  Nov. 15
Feb. 12     1            ISU Armstrong Research Farm/Wallace Foundation                                                   Feb. 2
Feb. 17     1            Iowa Lakes Community College- Spencer Campus                                                        Feb. 7
Feb. 18    2            ISU Armstrong Research Farm/Wallace Foundation                                                   Feb. 8
Feb. 24    2            Iowa Lakes Community College- Spencer Campus                                                       Feb. 4

The workshops are made possible through a grant funded by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.


Food Safety Tips for Food Event Volunteers

June 3rd, 2014

ISU Extension and Outreach has released a new publication just in time for the summer food festivals and events.  “Food Safety Tips for Food Event Volunteers- SP452 May 14” provides tips for those working at events and covers food safety basics that are critical when handling food to prevent occurrences of food-borne illness.


Volunteers provide critical manpower for many community events.  Some events may utilize 4-H’ers and their family members at county fair food stands.  In other communities, volunteers will be serving food along the RAGBRAI routes, parade routes, farm tours and community celebrations.


This publication can be a great tool to provide a brief training before the actual event to foster communication about procedures that everyone needs to follow.  But remember, not only is essential to have the correct information, but it is equally important to have the equipment to carry out the procedures, like calibrated thermometers, gloves, deli sheets, tongs, scoops, etc.   Happy Eating!

Employee Training

Food Safety Q&A Webinars Planned

May 21st, 2014

Food safety specialists with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach are offering six online sessions to answer food safety questions from educators, consumers and others who want to keep food safe this summer.


The one-hour sessions will begin at noon Central Daylight Time:

  • May 23
  • June 4
  • June 20
  • July 2
  • July 18
  • Aug. 22


To participate, go to slightly before each session begins and log in as a guest.


“When you log in, you’ll be able to type your food safety questions into the chat box and the Iowa State specialists will answer the questions during the live session,” said Angela Shaw, assistant professor and extension specialist in food safety, who will lead the discussions.


Questions also can be emailed to Shaw before each session at; type “food safety Q&A” in the subject line.


Training Videos for School Gardens

May 20th, 2014

School gardens can be important elements of student learning about the food they eat, and food safety in the garden is an important lesson.


To help teachers and school garden coordinators with food safety training for students, ISU Extension and Outreach has created an online training course.  Short videos of young gardeners demonstrate safe food production handling through the identification of biological, physical, and chemical hazards within the garden.


Through the videos, participants will learn different prevention strategies to reduce risks from occurring. Quizzes will be given at the end of each section of the video to test student knowledge on each area of produce food safety.


Additional activities and case studies are provided on the website to assist with further identifying hazards associated with fresh produce. A resource manual is also available on the website to guide the instructors of school gardens on more in-depth information.

Employee Training, Webinars

Managing GAP and Organic Certifications

May 19th, 2014

Are you an organic grower managing NOP certification as well as GAPs audits? The team at New Mexico State University has developed an informative website to aid in the dynamic management of organic system plans and Good Agricultural Practices. No need to duplicate the paperwork effort – there are lots of helpful hints to share!


For additional information, contact Nancy Flores (

Audits, Food Safety Plans