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April 5 Virtual Conference – Water

April 3rd, 2012

It was just a year ago that I was digging this hole in my yard.  It rained so much it took me a couple of weeks to get my raingarden constructed. My neighbors would drive by curious to see me in my raincoat watching the water flow off the road and driveways, cutting rivulets in  my yard on its way to lower ground.  That little rain garden did its job and still is, thankfully! The storms were definitely “gully washers”! 

I’m sure you have noticed the dramatic changes in our weather and precipitation patterns over the last decade. These changes brought about by the increased temperature of our planet and atmosphere are changing the hydrologic cycle. That’s why some places around the country and world have no water and are experiencing drought, and other places like Iowa have experienced multiple flood events. Torrential rains wash pollutants from our roads and yards quickly into the rivers without time for it to be cleaned and filtered through the soil to the water table below. This affects the amount and quality of the water available to us, no matter where we live. It affects our wells and our municipal water systems. What we do on our individual properties impacts the bigger picture.

I’m thrilled to have our next speaker, Stacie Johnson with the Iowa Stormwater Management Education Program with us on the Virtual Eco Family Conference on Thursday, April 5.  Stacie will teach us how to take advantage of the water that moves across properties after extensive rainfall. She will share strategies to prevent street and lawn contaminants from reaching community rivers and ultimately the water supply. Stacie will share numerous rainscaping practices that the average person (like me and you) can use to make use of this precious resource – water!  

There is still time to join us! Register for the conference today and I will send you the link to participate! Here is the registration information: http://www.extension.iastate.edu/sites/www.extension.iastate.edu/files/www/Virtual-Conference-Brochure.pdf 

See you soon!

Kristi Cooper

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