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Dehydrating Fruits & Vegies

March 26th, 2012

I have the best friends! I came home one night recently to a LARGE box of fruit – oranges, apples, pears, grapefruit from a friend.  “Just because <3” was written on the box!   This act of kindness surely represents the permaculture ethics – care for people, care of earth and share the abundance!

We have started eating these sweet things but I am thinking we won’t make it through the entire box while the fruit is in its prime.  I may dehydrate the apples and juice the grapefruit and oranges to stretch the pleasure out a little longer!

I started to make a smoothie with the odds and ends in my frig – a beet, some grapes starting to get wrinkly, an apple, some cranberries.  After I blended them I thought “this would make great fruit leather” so I poured it into the tray on my dehydrator and voila! Several hours later – fruit leather – a yummy snack!

What do you do with an abundance of fruits or vegetables? Are you planning to preserve and produce this year?

Kristi Cooper

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  1. Jasmine Wu
    | #1

    What type of dehydrator did you have to make the yummy fruit leather? I make smoothie frequently and would like to try the fruit leather.

  2. Kristi Cooper
    | #2

    I bought my Open Country Gardenmaster dehydrator at a sporting goods/hunting store. You can find them in the section where they have jerky making supplies. There are many styles of dehydrators. Do some research to see what features, size and cost suit you the best. Mine has a fruit leather tray and 6 mesh trays.

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