Eagle Cam

April 10th, 2012

 Are you one of the thousands of people watching the Decorah eagle cam?  http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles  I am in awe of these amazing birds and their wisdom and vision!

Through my connection with Nature Explore www.natureexplore.org I learned of an early childhood center that built a a man made “eagle’s nest”. The adults installed the posts and throughout the season the children collected sticks, branches and materials and wove them into an 8 foot nest.  The children had fun developing their math skills by estimating how many children would fit in this space.  They even role play being the momma eagle, the babies and even the dead rabbit  one of the adult eagles brought to the nest.

I nearly drove off the road recently watching a pair of eagles soar over my car.  I have a moon roof so I got a glimpse of them straight up – not recommended with the car in motion! I get excited to see these elegant birds because I remember when they were on the endangered list because of DDT , a toxic chemical used routinely on farms and yards. Im glad that chemical is now banned.

I might be one of those grandparents who builds an ‘eagle’s nest’ or ‘muskrat house’ or ‘fox den’ in the backyard. I am already an advocate of no lawn chemicals. 

What about this story inspires you?  What captures your attention in nature?

Kristi Cooper

Connection with Nature, Environment, Health, Public policy

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