November 27th, 2015

goldlocks-powerpoint-300x298Enjoy this repost from 2013 –

“Enough!” when my kids heard that they knew Mom meant business.  That meant they had better stop what they were doing and pay attention! That meant that I had had too much of the teasing, bickering or that someone had gone past the point of regular kid-sized conflict resolution. I find myself saying this to other things in my life nowadays – Enough is enough – to war, pollution, violence, economic disparities, cable TV and sensationalized news, bullying at many levels, and negative self talk. I have had enough – actually more than I can tolerate.

Then I think about ‘more than enough’ – excess – too much of anything creates waste – or ‘waist’ if it is too much food  combined with too much sitting around. In my worm compost bin – a steady supply of enough food scraps produces more compost and enough worms to keep the process going sweetly.  Too little causes the little guys to die off and composting ends;  too much creates a stink – literally.  Growing up, my father would loudly and proudly announce that he was “full as a tick” after a meal.  It was meant as a compliment to the cook and to share his pride in feeding his family well.  However ‘full as a tick’ is too much – more than enough – for healthy living.

I am sad about a few things we do not have enough of – kindness, respect, honesty, empathy, hope, connection, and awareness to name- quite a few. I hear that Black Friday has now become a week long event and that the excess – more than enough- creates a scarcity (not enough) focus – “get it now before its gone!” mentality. What are we looking for?  Are we afraid of not having enough?  of what?

I am reading Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brene Brown and she states that the opposite of scarcity (not enough) is not abundance, but is enough. Enough means the right amount to satisfy our needs- like the story of Goldilocks – not too much and not too little – JUST RIGHT.  I learned this week at the Iowa Organic Conference that globally we already produce enough food calories to feed 14 billion people – twice the world’s population. The problem of feeding the world is a myth. There is enough food.  Let’s focus on that.

Globally, there is enough energy.  Yes, our fossil fuels are finite resources, but we have more than enough sunlight and wind power to meet our needs.   We don’t need to go to war, kill our natural habitats and pollute our water supply trying to get more.  We have enough to meet our needs. Let’s focus on that.

Which parts of your life are enough (Just right)?


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  1. Paula
    | #1

    Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog!

  2. Mackenzie Johnson
    | #2

    Kristi, thank you for bringing up this topic! It is so relevant around Thanksgiving and Black Friday (which in my mind is asinine that we out those days together)…
    I am finding this enough vs. abundance issue all too often in my life. My husband grew up in a family that watched a lot of TV (when they were eating, spending time together, before bed, etc). I have grown to almost HATE the TV! I enjoy watching certain shows, like White Collar or The Voice, but if I’m not watching TV for a specific show, I don’t need it on. The amount of time we have spent in front of the TV just astounds me! Definitely too much of a good thing (well actually not that good of a thing!).

    So I’ve definitely been saying “Enough!” to a few things lately. And I truly think trying to get away from the life of overindulgence has brought me a new sense of gratitude! So now I only turn on the TV if I am going to ENJOY watching a specific show. Otherwise I go find something to do that will stimulate me :) Thanks for bringing up such a relevant topic!

  3. Kristi Cooper
    | #3

    Thanks for sharing your experience of enough! Some days I know I have not had enough things like water or exercise or hugging! I am paying closer attention to the amount of experience that is satisfying – just enough so it feels just right! Let me know what else you discover!

  4. Kristi Cooper
    | #4

    Thank you Paula! I would love to hear about your experience with enough.

  5. cathy
    | #5

    this blog captures the sentiments of many – nicely framed blg

  6. Kristi Cooper
    | #6

    Thanks Cathy!

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