Holiday Gifting

November 1st, 2013

strawbale with ribbonsI am in the stage of my life that I am no longer collecting holiday things – like angels and snowmen and and Santas.  I have a few, that, as I unwrap and place around the house, I cherish the memories of those who made or gave them to me.

I am more interested in the gifts of time with others and the practical things that will help me take care of myself and the earth. I think my favorite gift in recent years is the bat house that my husband made me.  Part of the joy was that he heard my request to support habitat in our yard and the other part was watching the ‘secret’ building process – can’t go into the shop, the kids were smiling secretively and I could hear pounding and sawing from the basement at all hours of the day. It is fun to create a meaningful gift for others. I certainly know what it feels like to receive one!

Here is a story from the Reclaim Your Holidays website that I can relate to.

Bale of straw?
Last year was my first winter holiday season with my fiancé’s parents. I knew they were keen on giving lots of gifts, so I asked my fiancé to talk to the family about simple gifts that were useful and meaningful. Though there were still a lot of gifts given, they took my request to heart–instead of the angel figurines and numerous outfits I wouldn’t wear anyway, I got a small radio for the kitchen and a few other useful items. My favorite gift, though, was from their farm: two bales of straw for mulching my garden. It got a good laugh from the rest of the family, but it will be one of my best-remembered and most appreciated gifts ever! – Iowa City woman

What’s on YOUR wish list this year?



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  1. Cindy Thompson
    | #1

    I enjoyed reading this blog post and thinking about some of the most meaningful gifts I’ve received over the years. While the bat house would not make my list (I am DEATLHY afraid of them, but that’s another story) two of my favorites refect items in the blog… a book about houseplants from my husband that illustrated he truly is more observant than I give him credit, and a fleece tie-blanket made by my husband and kids for me (in secret) because I was the only one in the family without one. The book is a treasured resource and the blankets allow us to wind down at the end of the day without winding up the thermostat. What is on my list for this year… living in a house full of active teens it would have to be quiet time with my husband and maybe 2 or 3 nights in a row sharing a meal together as a family. Those things I would definitely treasure. :)

  2. Donna Donald
    | #2

    Guess it’s that time of year because I was just thinking about gifts over the weekend. Soon I’ll be getting that request, “What do you want for Christmas?” And I’ve discovered that as I age, it is harder to answer. I do know the gifts I most remember are those that reflected a real understanding of me. Also keeping with the time of year, I am grateful that I have an abundant life where my “needs” AND “wants” are fulfilled.

  3. | #3

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