It’s a WRAP!

WRAPI have to admit I felt like I was doing stealth recycling.  I couldn’t bear to put plastic wrap and bread sacks into the garbage because my curbside recycler wouldn’t take them. So .. . I have been secretly wadding them up, hiding them inside plastic grocery bags and stuffing them into the big recycle bin at the store – ANY store that has a plastic bag recycling bin. I felt guilty about the sign on the bin that implored customers “no garbage, please”.  I even sighed a breath of relief once when I forgot my cloth bags and got a few plastic ones. They were my ‘get away’ vehicle with which to recycle my other plastic waste.

I tried doing no-waste thing years ago.  Our garbage went down dramatically when we started being more aware of choosing items with no or minimal packaging. I bought mesh mags to use for veggies & fruit so I didn’t have to use the plastic bags. I carry my cloth bags religiously anywhere I shop. We refuse the shopping bag at non-food stores if we could carry out just an item or two.  I soon discovered that some packaging is inevitable in our culture.  Even though I could choose containers that could be recycled, there were always the plastic bread bags, extra bubble wrap or the resealable bags that had been washed one too many times.  There was the plastic encasing my toilet paper and the bag on my newspaper on damp days. (Yes, I still get the paper newspaper – I use it for composting, sheet mulching and keeping the chicken poop off my garage floor- which is another story entirely). I imagine marine animals trapped in a mass of twisted bread bags. I cringe thinking of the fossil fuel extracted to create another bag that I can carry my lunch in. I worry about the water that is contaminated to create the extra packaging.

Well, I no longer have to secretly stash my ‘garbage’ plastic.  It can be recycled – REALLY! – to make more plastic film and packaging. Find out what and where you can recycle your plastic film

Join me in being a plastic wrap bandit! Get your community to recycle plastic film! While you are at it, write to a company that uses plastic film packaging and ask that they use recycled materials.


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  1. Sandra
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    I contacted my local recycling center about starting a plastic film recycling campaign. I’ll let you know what they say.

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