My Favorite Tree

February 2nd, 2012

Do you have a favorite tree or lilac bush or special place you go to find “center” again?  I remember going to the “grove” on the farm – it seemed mysterious and safe all at the same time.  On the edge was a wild plum that we sampled when the fruit was ripe.  I also remember swinging from a giant oak tree in the backyard.  My dad had secured a barn rope over one long branch and tied a gunny sack full of straw on the bottom.   A bit scratchy, but heavenly, as I spent hours hanging, swinging and looking up into those massive branches. My kids talk about the lilac bushes they played “hideout” in when visiting grandma.

When we are connected to nature, it becomes an extension of ourselves.  This love relationship inspires us to take care of nature, protect it and find ways to be in it as much as possible.  A few years ago, when I visited the Lied Center at the Arbor Day Foundation in Nebraska City, I fell in love with the hazels.  At the time, these large, broad, arching shrubs were loaded with hazelnut clusters.  As I wandered through the hazel “grove” I recalled all my childhood connections with trees, bushes, and the critters that lived in them.  When I got the chance to be a charter member of the Arbor Day’s hazelnut research project, I immediately signed up.  I am now cultivating my own small hazel grove and dream of the days when I can ‘hideout’ with my grandchildren under the shelter of their loving branches.

What does your relationship with Nature inspire in you?

Kristi Cooper

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  1. | #1

    I usually spend an hour by myself looking the birds and the water near the bank of Thames. You favourite tree seems to have some specific spirit that calm you.

  2. Malisa Rader
    | #2

    Growing up in the South, we spent our summers either on the river or at the beach. I have found I have this real connection to water – the sound, the feel, the visual. I find I am a much calmer, more patient me when I am around bodies of water.

  3. Donna Donald
    | #3

    I grew up on a farm surrounded by nature. My favorite “hiding place” was a walnut tree across the driveway from the house. I could climb up in its branches and no one could see me. Sometimes I took a book with me and sometimes I just perched there. I could watch the animals and the people and all was well. I felt protected and content.

    The tree is still there today but the branches are much futher from the ground :) and I’m a bit old for climbing trees. So I took a picture of the tree on a nice summer day when it was in its full, green glory. I keep a copy by my desk at work and in a couple locations at home. That way I can “crawl back into my tree” whenever I need those moments of peace and connection.

    I wish every child would have such a tree!

  4. Connie Wier
    | #4

    When I was a little girl my younger brother and I would play in the horse pasture where our creek ran through it. We played for hours digging in the mud and sand along its bank and looking for cool rocks. I still look for cool rocks whenever hiking or traveling. Rocks from Maui and from the shore of Lake Superior and other places are “decorations” in our home and remind us of these wonderful memories. Photographs of the creek where I played also hang in my home. This connections with nature even at a very young age has inspired me to never stop playing, exploring or capturing nature’s most wonderful beauty in photographs.

  5. Kristi Cooper
    | #5

    I, too, have ‘cool’ rocks around me – I found one in my coat pocket yesterday and re-remembered where I picked it up and why I liked it. I chose to put it on the window sill by the kitchen sink so I can enjoy it again and again.
    Kristi Cooper

  6. Kristi Cooper
    | #6

    It’s amazing the power that those special places in nature provide our mind and body, even when we are not physically near it. What a great idea to bring your special place to your home and office!
    Kristi Cooper

  7. Kristi Cooper
    | #7

    I hope you have found a favorite body of water in the Midwest! What a great stress reliever!
    Kristi Cooper

  8. Kristi Cooper
    | #8

    Rachel, What a wonderful place you describe! I hope you can go there often! I think the special places choose us as much as we choose them.
    Kristi Cooper

  9. | #9

    William Orville Douglas: “The right to be let alone is indeed the beginning of all freedom.”

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