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Pick me garden My friends at Backyard Abundance inspired me to plant a container garden I can share with neighbors.  I have a cherry tomato, sweet basil and lacinato kale planted in a stack of buckets from my stash of containers. It is growing next to my driveway.  When the plants get big enough to harvest, I will print a sign and tell my neighbors to stop by and get a snack!

A couple of my friends have converted their whole front yard into an edible sharing garden.  They have a bench and a little free library there also.  Another friend carved out a wedge garden in his lawn and is putting in cherry tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and other fun finger food for sharing with passers-by.

Hmmm. . . I may add a pot of strawberries and chives to the menagerie. . .

This is an experiment in location.  We have lots of walkers and bikers pass our house in good weather.  I will have to see how people respond.  Stay tuned!

What could you plant and share?


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  1. Cathy Strohbehn
    | #1

    Great blog – info similar to Cultivate Iowa program
    See http://www.cultivateiowa.org for info about growing extra produce and donating harvest to local food banks

  2. Kristi Cooper
    | #2

    Thanks Cathy for the reminder that we can share food with others at small or larger scale. I know we have several organizations in my area which are growing for the food banks. Lots of great fresh food!

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