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Darn Socks

October 20th, 2015

20151019_142811_resizedIt’s officially sock weather!  Have you bought a pair of socks lately? Wow, I am shocked at how expensive they are! I dug the 9 holey socks out of the trash and decided to mend them instead of buying new.  Guess what? We now have 6 wearable pair of socks.  I figure I saved about $85 for an hour’s worth of effort.

It actually took me longer to find all my sewing supplies than actually fixing the socks.  I have my grandmother’s darning ball. It’s a solid wood egg on a stick – kinda like a child’s maraca but with no rattle.  You slip it inside the sock to give you a firm surface to work the needle in and out of the area you are mending.  It keeps you from pricking your fingers and accidently sewing your sock shut.  If you don’t have a darning ball, you could use an incandescent light bulb, if you still have one, a tennis ball or a potato.  Or you could just take your chances on not sewing your sock to the leg of your jeans. Don’t ask how I know that’s possible. . . If you use the potato, it’ll be ready for the microwave when you’re done mending! 😉

I use the same color thread as the sock but you can do a contrasting color if you want to brag about your mending skills the next time you take your shoes off in company. Start with the CLEAN sock inside out over the ball. Carefully hand stitch a crisscross pattern from one side of the hole to the other. Slip the needle back through the row of stitching and through a couple of loops to secure the end. Snip your threads and you are ready to go!

I saved a couple hundred dollars in repairing the zipper placket on my husband’s hunting coat. Another $50 by mending a seam on a sweater. It took me several nights to repair Grandma Ina’s quilt and now it’s back on the guest bed keeping my loved ones warm with her memory!

When I finish the hem on a pair of dress pants it means I didn’t spend $60 on a new pair! I’m still trying to find a missing button for a sweater that has been in my mending drawer for at least 2 years. Hmm.  I’ll keep looking for the button, but I may need to replace all the buttons so they match.  I do have a button jar so that could be fun!

I love saving money by fixing things instead of replacing them.  What have you repaired instead of replaced lately?



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Consignment & mending

September 16th, 2011

Oh my goodness! I found the cutest jacket at the local resale shop! It will be perfect to wear this fall for work.  A co-worker told me about this upscale consignment shop in a nearby town and she and I have compare our “finds” each time we go!

Also, I went through the closets and have a large pile of clothing and assorted household items to take to consignment next week.  I now have a bigger pile of rags in the ‘rag bag’, too.  Some things just get worn out as clothing, but work great for cleaning or other household jobs. I also have a small but growing pile of mending I need to do sometime soon – a hem coming undone, a lost button, a tear, snag or separated seam that need repair.  I have a sewing machine and can do these things myself. I’m waiting for just the right rainy or cold night to do it!  I like being able to keep my family’s clothing budget down by buying gentled used items and repairing them when needed.

Do you have consignment or re-sale stores in your area? What is your favorite ‘recycled’ or ‘gently used’ item?

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