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August 12th, 2011

Okay, help me out here.  I like to go to new places, meet new people, experience other regional culture so that means traveling someplace other than where I live. So if I want to get there, I have to use transportation.  On vacation this year we traveled with another couple so needed a vehicle large enough and comfortable enough for 4 middle aged bodies to travel 8.5 hours one way. We cheered the drivers who could get the most mpg but our top winner only got 16.9 miles per gallon going downhill with the AC off! It was 106 degrees heat index, just so you know the sacrifice we made for this experiment. We did not have other transportation options – Amtrak did not go where we were going. Airlines didn’t either, for that matter, and I know they get less than 16.9 mpg but we might have traded time and short term discomfort. We did not have any horses nor the extra vacation time to travel on 4 hooves. The highest priced gas we bought was just under $4.00/gallon. There HAS to be a way to increase the efficiency of personal vehicles or create something like those beam transporters from Star Trek to get us places with less dependence on petroleum. Come to think of it, wasn’t Star Trek about a population that had to live in space because earth had been destroyed? Yikes! We (collectively) gotta figure this out and fast! Please share your observations!

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