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Consignment & mending

September 16th, 2011

Oh my goodness! I found the cutest jacket at the local resale shop! It will be perfect to wear this fall for work.  A co-worker told me about this upscale consignment shop in a nearby town and she and I have compare our “finds” each time we go!

Also, I went through the closets and have a large pile of clothing and assorted household items to take to consignment next week.  I now have a bigger pile of rags in the ‘rag bag’, too.  Some things just get worn out as clothing, but work great for cleaning or other household jobs. I also have a small but growing pile of mending I need to do sometime soon – a hem coming undone, a lost button, a tear, snag or separated seam that need repair.  I have a sewing machine and can do these things myself. I’m waiting for just the right rainy or cold night to do it!  I like being able to keep my family’s clothing budget down by buying gentled used items and repairing them when needed.

Do you have consignment or re-sale stores in your area? What is your favorite ‘recycled’ or ‘gently used’ item?

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