Vermi-composting: Harvest

August 15th, 2011

OMG this smells so good! it looks and smells and feels like rich black soil! These are castings from the vermi-compost bin. I harvested some of the compost/castings from the worm bin. It’s a tedious process, but intriguing to see what is left after the worms get done with all the edible stuff. I found a metal staple from a tea bag (the bag and string and paper tag completely gone), a plastic label off of a banana and the plastic lining from a Starbucks cup (my experiment- it said it was compostable, I wanted to see if it really was). I start with scooping out the oldest section of the bin and dump it on several layers of newspaper.  The worms don’t like light so they go into the pile.  I just scrape off the outerlayer a little at a time sending the worms deeper to the center of the pile.   I use the castings to topdress my bucket gardens, houseplants and other container gardens.

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  1. Brenda Schmitt
    | #1

    I was gone for 10 days and opened my bin when I returned to see how my worms were doing. I was AMAZED! They had eaten everything. I dug down just a bit to see if I had any worms and found HUGE ones and baby ones…and there were a lot. When I throw stuff in there daily, I sometimes wonder if I am giving them too much or are they eating any of it. Now I know my answer. They are hard at work below the surface so just keep throwing in the scraps. I will be removing the castings sometimes this week and give them a fresh start as we head into the colder months.

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