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Vermi-composting: Feeding

August 11th, 2011

Great questions from my friends who are interested in worm composting! What do I feed my worms?  The worms are strict vegetarians so only vegetable, fruit scraps, coffee grounds and tea bags (are from plant material) will do in the bin.  They LOVE  greens and banana peels. If you have big chunks of vegies like summer squash or melon rinds, cut them up so the pieces decompose more quickly. I also put in rinsed egg shells if I have a lot of coffee grounds to keep the pH balanced. No meat, fat, dairy or citrus rinds please, unless you want a stinky bin! I would also caution you to wash your fruit before eating so the peels do not have chemicals or fruitfly eggs on them.  The chemicals can kill the worms and the fruit flies – well you know what happens . . . . My worms also eat the shredded newspaper and office paper I use as bedding. I have experimented with the cardboard rings and “paper” cups you get with carry-out beverages. The cardboard rings disappear, but the cups take forever – and they have a plastic liner that the worms do not process. If it’s good for you, its usually good for the worms too.

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  1. Brenda
    | #1

    I have had my worms for a year now. Everything you mentioned has gone into my bin of worms. I haven’t been adding egg shells because I find they take awhile to disappear. I have had issues with gnats at times and find if I put a layer of newspaper down before adding more scrapps, they pretty much go away. I have also put a small tin of wine in the corner of my box. The wine attracts the gnat and they drown in the wine.

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