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Credit Card Compromised…

October 4th, 2012

You get the dreaded phone call or e-mail from your credit card company.  Last fall, when I was in the process of moving states, I was in a hotel and heard the message on my cell phone: “your credit card number has been stolen; please call back.”  I was asked if I had made two high-priced purchases and I said no.

The purchases were outside of my profile with the credit card company.  Yes, you have a profile how you have used your card in the past.  The credit card company told me to stop using the card and a new card would be issued.  At this time, I had recently used the card to pay for a purchase.  I had to go back and use another card to make payment.  Since I had the card in my possession, and it was an isolated situation, no further steps were needed in my case.   It could’ve been much worse.

This incident illustrates one of the key reasons we should all check our credit history annually via www.annualcreditreport.com – to make sure our identity hasn’t been used by someone else.  The Federal Trade Commission – www.ftc.gov – is a great resource on what to do if you ever are a victim of ID theft.


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  1. kristi Cooper
    | #1

    I am glad that my credit card company is familar with my spending patterns and takes notice when unusual activity occurs. I had a similar experience this summer when my number was used to pay for someone elses airline tickets. I discovered the erroneous charges when I saw my online bill. I notified the credit card company and they were able to restore my money. They proceeded to investigate it as fraud and collect the money. My card was canceled and I was reissued a new number immediately. It is scary and inconvenient. Watch your accounts on line frequently so you are aware all the transactions on your credit cards.

  2. Susan
    | #2

    Excellent Point – Kristi – we need to check our credit card statements every month. @kristi Cooper

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