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Don’t let GED investment go down the drain

July 15th, 2013

logo_GEDIf you (or someone you know) are partly finished with work on your GED® (General Equivalency Diploma) work, then you have a deadline looming!

After December 31 2013, the GED format and tests will be completely redone.  Anyone who has already started work toward their high school equivalency diploma should do everything they can to complete their work by that date.  Why?

  • Beginning January 1, 2014, you will need to completely start over on your GED.  All the work you’ve done and all the tests you’ve already passed will basically be erased.
  • Having to start over means the money you’ve already spent for workbooks and testing will also be wasted.  Starting the GED process over also means starting from scratch in paying for it. 

 Completing high school equivalency is one of the best investments you can make in your future. Many employers require or prefer applicants to have a high school equivalency diploma.  To find information about finishing the GED, go to www.finishtheGED.com.  In Iowa, community colleges are the primary providers of high school equivalency education.

It would be a shame for someone who is already part of the way there to be forced to start over at square one! So be sure to share this information with your friends!


Goals, Smart shopping

  1. DW
    | #1

    That’s too bad none of the old workbooks or other resources would work for the new format. Even though I’m sure its a redesign of the GED for the better, it seems like they could at least put some kind of grace period in there for people to make a smooth transition.

  2. Barb
    | #2

    Basically, I consider that we are IN the transition period now. That’s why it’s so important to let people know about this upcoming change!

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