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Stay Organized as Your Children Head to School

August 22nd, 2013

backtoschoolorganizing1-537x368Each fall, families need to organize their time and resources. A routine can help everything happen. Here are several tips to help stay energized, organized and on track:

Limit TV time – it is OK but it should be designated. Create a schedule with your children on when and how long they can watch TV daily.

Schedules – With after school activities, homework, and sports, managing schedules can be a stressful task during the school year. Use a calendar, online organizer or reminders on your phone to help you track your family’s busy day.

Storage – Everything should have a home. Kids need a place to put homework, and after school gear. Use a basket per child to store items.

Cleaning – Don’t let the cleaning work pile up; try and disperse chores through the week so you and your children are not overwhelmed.

To Do Lists – This tool helps make sure you don’t forget something.

Sleep – You may not realize it, but getting enough rest and having regular sleep schedule will help you to be more organized each day. Good for both kids and parents.

Communication is a must!

Reward Yourself – When the family is operating like a well-oiled machine – reinforce their good behavior with compliments and occasionally a reward.

Don’t stress out at the start of the school year. If the family supports and loves one another, being organized will happen naturally.



  1. Mr Financial Debauchery
    | #1

    When the kids go back to school, there is nothing that saves your but like a whole lot of to-do lists and a calendar on your fridge. It certainly helps to keep the communication going.

  2. Minnesota psychiatrist
    | #2

    It’s true – a new school year can hit a child and their family hard, and routine helps a lot. Sleep and an organized home definitely optimize the experience for everyone. As another resource, our office recently published a post with tips for parents to help kids get through the stress of the school year: http://www.healthyfamilymatters.com/4-tips-for-parents-steering-kids-successfully-through-school-related-stress/

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