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Episode 3: Childhood Obesity

Doug and Mike discuss what parents can do about childhood obesity with Gregory Welk, director of clinical research and outreach for the Nutrition and Wellness Research Center at Iowa State, in this month’s Science of Parenting radio program podcast.

From the The Science of Parenting blogFighting Obesity: Healthy Eating

ISU Extension and Outreach Resources

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    I appreciated listening to your information on childhood obesity. That is very interesting to hear you mentioning a healthy diet, eating breakfast, and eating meals together, and for children to be more active. Parents helping their children to be more active and supervising them. Parents finding the time when they are both working, is a real challenge for some parents even though the exercise is so often needed by the parents too. Many thanks.

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    As a mother of four i can relate to the importance of educating children on making good food choices. thanks for sharing.

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