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Thank you, it’s a habit

November 29th, 2012

30 days of thankfulness was something I saw on various social networking sites all month long. As I looked at our blog and the social network sites (and then the upcoming topic for December) I took a pause and wondered… Did the 30 days of thankfulness create a habit? Does our modeling of manners and respect create habits that stick with our children? With ourselves? Is my grammar really poor in these sentences? (Oops I digress)

And that’s where my mind stuck…. Habits. Aren’t we essentially trying teach our children positive social habits when it comes to manners, empathy, respect and even thankfulness? ¬†Habits. Seems like such a negative word sometimes because we often focus on ‘bad habits’. ¬† But what if we stopped and thought about our good habits. The ones we hope our children turn into their own?

Play along with me —

What are some of your good habits?


family time, positive parenting, social-emotional

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