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Mothers in May

hugMom, mommy, mother, mum — a mother by any other name is still a mother. During May, join us to talk about what mothers mean to their children. 

We’re looking beyond the Mother’s Day cards and flowers, presents and breakfast in bed. There is more to consider than just the ritualized and commercialized recognition of children’s appreciation and love for their mothers. 

We’re taking a look at what science tells us about the importance of mothers. We’ll talk about the types of mothers, the roles they play and the benefits to children. We might even include some of the lessons we’ve learned from our mothers.


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  1. Kim
    | #1

    excellent podcast and discussion…..highlights the important role of mothers and also in the bigger picture – the importance of parents in the lives of children- relationships between children and parents are important!

  2. Donna Donald
    | #2

    You’re right – in the bigger picture we are looking at the importance of parents in the lives of children. We are focusing specifically on mothers in May and then we will turn our attention to fathers in June.

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