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Welcome to the home of the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach blogs, where ISU Extension program specialists share their expertise. These blogs are an excellent way for ISU Extension and Outreach faculty and staff to share their thoughts on current topics and for you to engage in conversations with the bloggers and other visitors.

We encourage you to check out the blogs of interest to you, follow along and participate in the conversations:

Spend Smart. Eat Smart.Spend Smart. Eat Smart.
The Spend Smart. Eat Smart. blog focuses on sharing ideas, tips, resources and recipes to help you feed your family for less. Blog contributors are Iowa State University Extension staff members trained in food, nutrition, and health.

Families AnswerLine at Iowa State University began in the spring of 1975. Staff provide immediate, unbiased, research-based answers to questions that are related to home economics and family living. Questions can be directed to AnswerLine via phone or email.

The Science of Parenting
Dealing with toddler meltdowns or an angsty teen who doesn’t want to talk? Our parenting pros provide real-life solutions based on the latest scientific research. Join us as we explore parenting decisions and the realities of raising a family.

Iowa VegetablesIowa Vegetables
In Iowa, there has been growing interest in local food production, especially fruit and vegetables. The blog provides updates on various aspects of vegetable production in Iowa and is intended to serve as a platform for communication between researchers, students, growers, extension staff and folks interested in vegetable production.

Local FoodsLocal Foods Blog
The Local Foods blog is your source of news about the work of the Local Foods Team.  Stay current on how the team and its partners are supporting local foods-related programming all across the state through research and professional development, as well as the publications and resources we provide for anyone working to develop local food systems in their communities.

WellnessAppleWords on Wellness
The Words on Wellness blog promotes a healthy lifestyle. In each post, you’ll gain reliable, research-based information about nutrition, exercise, and food safety, and explore the power of incorporating healthy practices into daily living for you and your family.

Land Use and ZoningBLUZlogo
This blog is designed to keep readers current on court cases, legislation and other current topics in land use planning and zoning across the Midwest.

 Ag Decision MakerAg Decision Maker
We address questions regarding farm management and new issues in agricultural outlook. Check back often or subscribe for updates

Cow eating HayNorthwest Iowa Dairy Outlook

I will work closely with dairymen in developing more processing capability and enterprise financing plus dairy youth programing. “Over the years I have specialized in non-traditional programs that met the needs of citizens, from resource management and disaster response to new enterprise development; with every program driven by the needs of producers”.

Crops TeamIntegrated Crop Management

Extension crops specialists and field agronomists strive to increase the level of awareness, understanding, and adoption of current agronomic and pest management practices that make the best use of soil resources and crop inputs.

Iowa Manure BlogManure Scoop

This blog provides a scientific perspective on the science of manure, including its management and handling, options for treatment, use as fertilizer, impact on environment and new technologies to improve its use.

Small Farm SustainabilitySmall Farms

The blog opens the door to relationships and resources relevant to the pursuit of sustainability for Iowa’s smaller-scale, entrepreneurial farm enterprises.


Rising Star

Iowa State University student interns share their real world experience with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and how they address real world problems for Iowans.