Drought webinar from ISU Extension and Outreach

On July 25, 2012, ISU Extension and Outreach specialists presented a webinar on Crops and Livestock Options During Drought. Links to each portion of the webinar are provided below. For more drought informaiton, visit Dealing with Drought – 2012.

  • Introduction and weather
    • Introduction
    • Current weather and forecast
  • Crops
    • Soybeans: What to look for to monitor yield potential
    • Corn: What to look for to monitor yield potential
    • Diseases and drought
    • Alternative crops for forage, soybeans for forage
  • Cattle management
    • Stretching stressed pastures and CRP hay value
    • Drought stressed corn silage: harvest, storage and feed value
    • Nitrate risk in silage and testing, treatment and other risks
  • Economic considerations
    • Valuing drought stressed silage and logistics of CRP
    • Calculating crop insurance
    • Forward pricing grain and talking to the buyer

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