New Census of Agriculture reveals more farms, more farmers in Iowa

Every five years the United States Department of Agriculture carries out an extensive survey of farms and farmers across the nation. The information that is collected and published serves a wide variety of purposes. One of the more important ones is to provide a snapshot of what farms and farmers at the national, state, and county level look like and how they are changing over time.

  • The number of farm units increased by 0.9%.
  • The number of farmer producers increased by 7.1%.
  • The average farm size decreased from 355 acres to 345 acres.
  • The number of small and medium acreage farms increased while the number of large acreage farms decreased.
  • The total acres of farmland decreased by 1.9%.
  • Crop sales accounted for 51% of total gross farm income, Livestock sales accounted for 44% and direct government payments accounted for 2%.

Read the full article by Dr. William Edwards on the Ag Decision Maker website.

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