Iowa’s early planting dates: April 11 for corn, April 21 for soybeans

Contributed by Steve Johnson, Extension Farm Management Field Specialist,

Early planting dates in Iowa are April 11 for corn and April 21 for soybeans. Acres planted before these dates are no longer eligible for replant coverage payments should it be necessary to replant. The maximum replant payments each year are equal to 8 bushels of corn and 3 bushels of soybeans. Multiply these bushels times the RMA projected price for that year, which is the February average futures price for December corn and November soybeans used to establish the value of the insurance guarantees that the producer purchases. For 2013 the projected prices are $5.65 per bushel for corn and $12.87 for soybeans, so the maximum replant payments are $45.20 or $38.61 per acre, respectively.

Any acres planted before the early planting dates lose replant coverage, even if the entire farm or insurance unit hasn’t been planted. However, early planting doesn’t affect a farm’s actual production history (APH) yield or revenue insurance guarantee, as long as all other good management practices are followed throughout the growing season. Once the crop is planted, that revenue guarantee is still in effect, and any indemnity payments will depend on the final harvested yield and the harvest price.

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