Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

Now that winter has arrived, it is time to be sure your car is equipped for travel. The Iowa State Patrol suggests keeping these items in your car in case you are stranded.

  1. Warm winter clothing (gloves, coat, boots)
  2. Warm blankets or sleeping bags
  3. Flashlight (check to be sure the batteries are fresh)
  4. First aid kit
  5. Red flag, Send Help sign, or something to attract attention
  6. Sack of dry sand or cat litter
  7. Booster cables
  8. Cell phone and car charger
  9. High energy food (candy bars, beef jerky)

Remember to plan ahead when traveling long distances this winter. Watch the weather reports and check on road conditions along your planned route. Iowa and Minnesota have websites with updated road conditions. Save these as favorites on your cell phone for easy access or download the 511 app for your state from your app store. Let friends or relatives know your destination and when you are expected to arrive. If you are delayed, let them know that you are still safe.

Drive at a safe speed for the weather conditions and maintain a safe following distance. Speed and following distance should be adjusted for current weather. Drive defensively and wear your seat belts. Make sure children are properly buckled into their safety seats.

Liz Meimann

I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Food Science at Iowa State University. I love to quilt, sew, cook, and bake. I spent many years gardening, canning, and preserving food for my family when my children were at home.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Survival Kit for Your Car

  1. Kitty litter has been very helpful for me in the past! So many different items that could be helpful in your car survival kit, it can get a little overwhelming, but this is a great winter checklist list.

  2. Shane, thank you for the positive feedback. We always hope we never have to use a survival kit. Kitty litter is great for helping tires grip on slick spots!

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