How Much Alcohol Is Left In Foods When Cooking

Have you ever wondered when you are cooking with alcohol how much is remaining in the foods that you are preparing? Many times people think that when alcohol is heated it disappears, but that is not the case.  Some alcohol does burn off during cooking but it depends on when it was added, how much was added, and how long the food cooks.  Cooked food can retain from 5-85 percent of the alcohol that was added.  When alcohol is added to uncooked foods, the alcohol content remains the same.  The longer a food is cooked the less alcohol remains in it.  This chart listed below shows the percentage of alcohol burnt off when foods are cooked.


If you would prefer to not add alcohol to your recipes there are some options. Wines and Liquors do add a depth of flavor to recipes that can’t be always be matched, but there are several things that you can try.  For more specific advice use this chart from the New York Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.  They have a very complete list of substitutions.

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