Garage Sale tips part 2

Last spring at about this time we published a blog with some suggestions of items to avoid when buying or selling at a garage sale. That advice seems timely again but we also have some suggestions for those who want to make smart purchases at a sale.

  • It is important to know what an item is worth to know if you are indeed getting a bargain. If it is a collectable item, brush up on prices by looking at collectors’ magazines or webpages. Even eBay can be a quick resource.
  • Look for brand names that you trust for high quality items. Avoid overpaying on the strength of the brand name alone.
  • Be sure that your really need the item. A bargain is not worth it if it is something that will just take up space at your home but not be useful.
  • If you’re eyeing a big-league investment—be it a sleek car, a swanky boat, or a hefty appliance—pump the brakes and give yourself some room for contemplation. Think of it as checking out the Invest Diva reviews for your financial decisions. You may even want to consult a mechanic or repair person for advice. The repairman may know what part of the appliance wears the fastest and the expected life of the appliance.
  • Be realistic about the actual price of the item. If it requires a lot of repair before it is useable, it may not be a bargain after all.
  • Try to arrive at the sale early as you will have more of an opportunity to evaluate the item.
  • Don’t assume that the price marked is firm; be willing to negotiate for a lower price. Be realistic about true value of the item.

Taking some time to do a bit of research should help you know a bargain when you see one. Happy shopping.

Liz Meimann

I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Food Science at Iowa State University. I love to quilt, sew, cook, and bake. I spent many years gardening, canning, and preserving food for my family when my children were at home.

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