Portable Induction Burners

Portable induction burner

Induction cooktops and portable burners are becoming quite popular.  What is induction and how does it differ from a standard electric burner?

Portable induction burners may have appeal to those who want to add an extra burner to their cooking area, need a light weight, portable unit for cooking classes or demonstrations, or want a precision burner for specific tasks.

A portable induction unit does not require any special electrical outlet; they plug into a standard outlet so can be used anywhere there is an outlet.  An electromagnetic field below the glass surface provides instant magnetic energy when it comes in contact with a pan containing iron.  The cookware is considered the transformer so instead of passing heat along from the surface to cookware to food, induction heats the cookware directly. Only the pan,and what’s in it gets hot. The surface around it stays cool.  

Because the cookware is the transformer not all cookware can be used on an induction cooktop.  Aluminum, glass and ceramic will not work. The cookware must contain ferrous iron in order for it to work with the magnetic field to send heat and energy directly into the cooking vessel.  It may not be necessary to purchase new cookware. A magnet can be used to test cookware; if it sticks to the cookware, the pan will work on an induction cooktop.  Further, the cookware must also have a flat bottom.

Using magnetic induction heats pans up more quickly than either gas or electric. This saves energy and time. Induction burners also respond immediately to temperature adjustments. If you raise or lower the heat you will see results right away.  Many induction burners can also sense if there is nothing in the pot and will turn off after 60 seconds.

Though induction is a relatively new way to cook, manufacturers have given consumers many options at various price points.  As a result, not all induction burners are created equally.  Before purchasing a portable unit, consider use, counter and storage space, portability if needed, how much power is needed, add on features, and affordability for what it may be used for.  Also, be sure to test cookware to determine if it will work with the induction unit.

Induction cooking has the power to change the way we cook.   For more information on induction cooktops, pros and cons, see Induction Cooking–What You Need to Know.

Reviewed and update 4/2024, mg.

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5 thoughts on “Portable Induction Burners

  1. Using magnetic induction heat pan up faster than both gas or electric. It saves energy and time. I think this product will be very appealing to the customer. I’m optimistic that this will put a dent in marketing.

  2. Thank you for your question. Yes, induction burners have sensors that automatically shut off when the sensors do not detect any cookware on the burner or high heat. Different models have different inputs as commands which are sensed by the unit.

  3. So have you bought one induction cooker yourself? Lol, I beg you have, I think induction cooktops are really better than gas stoves, they cook fast, high efficiency and safer than gas stoves, it’s a good improve for our kitchen. If you still observing, this article might help you know more about the advantage of induction cooktops https://bit.ly/3CQy6y8

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