Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade chocolate chip cookies

This is a great time of year for 4-H members to start working on their cooking projects. Often members start out by baking something very familiar; chocolate chip cookies. We were looking at some information on the Nestle company website today and found the following information about altering the Toll House chocolate chip recipe. These alterations are specifically for their chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you try these with other recipes, you might not get the desired result. We thought it may be interesting to you or a 4-H member in your family to see how small changes to the ingredients can change a cookie.

  • If you want cookies that are a standard chocolate chip cookie, follow the Toll House chocolate chip recipe exactly as written on the package.
  • If you want a softer and more chewy cookie, reduce the amount of white sugar to 1/2 cup and increase the brown sugar to 1 cup. Brown sugar has a higher moisture content which will soften the cookies and make them a bit chewy.
  • If you want a thin and crisp cookie, increase the amount of butter to 1 1/4 cups and increase the amount of white sugar to 1 1/4 cups. Added butter will make the cookies flatter and this results in a crisper cookie.
  • If you want a soft and cakey cookie, use 3/4 cup of butter and reduce the amount of brown sugar to 1/2 cup. This way, there is more flour in the cookies which results in a more cake like cookie.

Experimenting with these cookies may be a fun activity for a 4-H member and may be the basis of their exhibit for county fair. Remember that if you still have too many holiday treats left, these cookies will freeze well.

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Liz Meimann

Liz Meimann

I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Food Science at Iowa State University. I love to quilt, sew, cook, and bake. I spent many years gardening, canning, and preserving food for my family when my children were at home.

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