REAL ID Update

One year ago, I wrote a blog, Real ID for Travel, informing consumers about the need to get a Real ID driver’s license to comply with the Real ID Act enacted by Congress in 2005 for domestic travel and admission to federal facilities requiring an ID. At that time, US citizens had until October 1, 2000 to acquire the required ID through their respective driver’s license bureaus.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Homeland Security announced on March 26, 2020, an extension of the Real ID Act to October 1, 2021 giving citizens an additional year to obtain a REAL-ID compliant license. For more information on Real ID beyond the blog, check out the Real ID/Homeland Security website.

While we may not be traveling much during this time, we will travel again. Bottom line remains the same, if you plan to travel by air or enter a federal facility requiring ID, you will need a Real ID unless you have other proper identification; for travel, that would be a passport.  If you do not anticipate either scenario, a Real ID is not needed.

Marlene Geiger

Marlene Geiger

I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a BS in Home Economics Education and Extension and from Colorado State University with a MS in Textiles and Clothing. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, gardening, quilting, cooking, sewing, and sharing knowledge and experience with others.

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