REAL ID for Travel

Does your driver’s license fly?  Beginning October 1, 2020 (just 18 months from now) air travelers will need a driver’s license or ID card known as a Real ID to board commercial domestic flights and enter certain federal facilities such as military bases.  A passport or certain other federal documents (those issued by the federal … Continue reading REAL ID for Travel

Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs – Quick Reference Guide

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about County Fairs, but the updated Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs – Quick Reference Guide is now available in the Extension Store. Each year, for the past few years, we have updated this guide to assist 4-H members, their parents, 4-H leaders, and fair judges in … Continue reading Foods for Iowa 4-H Fairs – Quick Reference Guide

Fall Fun Ideas

Fall is here!  Here’s some ideas from my family to yours to make fall a special time for the family. Rake and play in the leaves—assuming it doesn’t stir up allergies.  After the leaves fall, pile the raked leaves and let the kids and dogs jump and scatter.  Of course, you may have to re-rake … Continue reading Fall Fun Ideas

First Aid tips for kids

A friend’s grandchild was recently injured in a fall. Since the wound was to the mouth, there was a lot of blood involved. Accidents happen so quickly and sometimes adults are not present at the scene of the accident. As summer begins, it may be a good idea to review some basic first aid tips … Continue reading First Aid tips for kids

Tips for teaching your kids to wash their hands

We hear it on the news almost every day. Remember to wash your hands, or hand washing can prevent the spread of disease.  But is it really that important?  The Center for Disease Control has a long list of the science behind the importance of hand washing.  It really can be a simple procedure; yet … Continue reading Tips for teaching your kids to wash their hands

Botulism poisoning–could this really happen?

We often speak to callers about the possibility of botulism poisoning if they don’t process their low acid vegetables properly. But really, what is botulism poisoning and is there really a risk? Clostridium Botulinum bacteria live in the soil. The vegetables that we harvest and preserve were either grown in the soil or rain water … Continue reading Botulism poisoning–could this really happen?


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