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Let’s Talk…Let’s G.O.!

Children and Nature Network (C&NN) is sponsoring an initiative in April called Let’s G. O.! (Get Outside). The idea is encouraging intergenerational groups of people to get outside together to be active, have fun, and connect with nature. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for those of us in early care and education to get outdoors with our children and families and share the benefits of connecting with nature with others in our community! C&NN provides a customizable flier and toolkit to assist you in planning and marketing an event. They would like to have every state represented, and are still hoping to hear from some in the following states interested in planning a Let’s G.O.! event: IOWA, Alabama, Indiana, Hawaii, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee and Vermont.

We hope you will check it out!  See what events others are hosting and consider organizing a Let’s G.O! event in your community. It doesn’t have to be large – could simply be something that gets you, other early childhood professionals, kids, and families outdoors connecting with nature. Let’s G.O.! and tackle that nature deficit disorder head on!!


P.S. If you would like to share with use ways that you are helping children connect with nature (and we would love to hear from you!), you can do so at http://blogs.extension.iastate.edu/childcare/lets-g-o/

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader is a human sciences specialist that misses the daily hugs and high-fives from little people.

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  1. Go to the Let’s G.O. site and put in your zip code to see if any events are happening in your area. If there aren;t any, consider organizing one and posting it on the website! Not only does it get children, families, and early childhood professionals outdoors connecting with nature, but it could be some great public relations for your program. 🙂