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Let’s Talk…Hot Topic of Early Childhood

August 31, 2011

When I think about “hot topics” in early childhood in Iowa, it seems just the subject itself is its own hot topic. I listen to the news each day as broadcasters and politicians talk about an issue so close to my heart. They wrangle over budgets and numbers and research data. Even outside my early childhood world, few I know are neutral on the issue. They appear to fall under one of three camps –
·         Parents should be fully responsible for their child’s early childhood services.
·         Early childhood program are a nice benefit, but not in hard economic times.
·         Early childhood services for all children are an investment in our future.

Some of my colleagues think I’m crazy, but I’m happy to have folks around the state discussing early childhood.  Henry David Thoreau once said, “Things do not change, we change.”  Without open, honest dialogue, people don’t have the opportunity to change. To each of you in the early childhood field, I encourage you to keep your held high. You are doing amazing things and making a difference in the lives of young children and families. Share your success stories with your legislators, your local AEYC boards, early childhood committees, and other community contacts. We are in a people industry and through our voices we can continue to help others understand the value of early childhood.

I would love to hear from you in the field. In what ways are you sharing? How are you reaching out to help others better understand the field?

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader is a human sciences specialist that misses the daily hugs and high-fives from little people.

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