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Let’s Talk…Super Powers

February 28, 2012

Missy, a preschool teacher in Indiana, recently started following the Let’s Talk…Child Care twitter account. I love, love, love her description of herself, “I can handle anything…I work PRESCHOOL. My tweets let you know I’ve lived to tell the tale.” When I shared with her how much her self-description made me smile, she responded, “I feel like in any emergency it’s appropriate to yell ‘Don’t worry, I work preschool!’ As if that gives me super powers.”

I hope each and every one of you out there see yourself this way! As you go about your daily routines, think about the hero you are to parents that depend on you for peace of mind as they earn money for their family and consider the little eyes that are carefully studying you as you read books, share ideas, rub backs at rest time, and sing songs.  Give thought to the awesome responsibility that has been entrusted in your care as you watch children riding trikes, going down slides, and using monkey bars – more precious than where we place our money or park our car is where we leave our children! And that is what you do!

If you have been in this field a while, it’s likely you have gained skills you never imagined! You can cure the sting of a scraped knee with a single princess band-aid. Who knew you would also gain such skills as plumbing, fiscal management, negotiation, sanitation, and crisis management? Never forget you are a super hero with super powers! What skills and confidence have you gained as an early childhood professional besides simply the care and education of young children?

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader

Malisa Rader is a human sciences specialist that misses the daily hugs and high-fives from little people.

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