June 2021 goodbye … and welcome

In June we said goodbye to the following individuals who left ISU Extension and Outreach:

  • Brenda Streeter, Clarke County program coordinator
  • Tyson Wirth, Johnson County BBBS specialist
  • Annemarie Litterer, Floyd County program coordinator
  • Jane Hayes-Johnk, education extension specialist III, 4-H Youth Development (retirement)
  • Joy Rouse, education extension specialist III (family life), Human Sciences (retirement)
  • Joseph Hannan, education extension specialist III (horticulture), Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Kristen Corrigan, education extension specialist II (early childhood education support), Human Sciences (retirement)
  • Sue Henderson, regional director, County Services (retirement)
  • Paul Kassel, industry extension specialist III (crops), Agriculture and Natural Resources (retirement)
  • Shawn Shouse, industry extension specialist III (ag engineering), Agriculture and Natural Resources (retirement)
  • LuAnn Johansen, senior manager education extension, 4-H Youth Development (retirement)
  • Steve Adams, education extension specialist III, Community and Economic Development (retirement)
  • Patti Lewis, administrative assistant III, Human Sciences (retirement)
  • Jerry Chizek, regional director, County Services (retirement)
  • David Baker, industry extension specialist III, Agriculture and Natural Resources (retirement)
  • Alan Ladd, regional director, County Services (retirement)
  • Marisue Hartung, education extension specialist II, 4-H Youth Development (retirement)
  • Nathaniel Weber, program specialist I, 4-H Youth Development
  • Jill Sokeness, education extension specialist II, Community and Economic Development
  • Doug Gass, education extension specialist I (water quality), Agriculture and Natural Resources

We welcome the following new staff:

  • Georgia Miller, Dubuque County youth coordinator
  • Haylea England, Clinton County programming assistant
  • Shawn Tabke, Woodbury County horticulture coordinator
  • Gere Stevens, West Pottawattamie program coordinator
  • Hailee Sandberg, Linn County director
  • Kathy Davis, Palo Alto County office assistant
  • Clarabell Knapp, industry extension specialist I (crops), Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Catherine DeLong, industry extension specialist III (water quality), Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Alexis Stevens, industry extension specialist I (farm management), Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Brittany Eide, communications specialist I, Integrated Pest Management
  • Bethany Nutting, education extension specialist II (early childhood education support), Human Sciences
  • Annika Koppes, education extension specialist I, Iowa Pork Industry Center
  • Jennifer Grundmeier, administrative assistant II, 4-H Youth Development
  • Aaron Steil, education extension specialist II (horticulture), Agriculture and Natural Resources

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