ECERS-3 Announcement!

As some of you may have heard already, programs may request an ECERS-3 beginning July 1, 2017. Programs will have a choice between an ECERS-3 or ECERS-R assessment starting July 1, 2017 until the new QRS rolls out (at least 6 months). Once the new QRS begins, all programs with children ages 3-5 years will receive an assessment on the ECERS-3.

ECERS-3 self-assessment forms and program improvement forms will not be available on the QRS web site, yet. We are working on making these two forms into one form, eliminating the duplication between forms. Once the new form is finalized, it will be located on the QRS forms web page (approximately June). If you have a program wanting to continue working on their self-assessment form or program improvement form after completing the ECERS-3 class or in preparation for an ECERS-3 assessment, we will have the two form version available to those who ask. All ERS instructors have access to the ECERS-3 self-assessment and program improvement forms (CyBox) and can send you a copy, as needed.

Lastly, we often have programs debating on whether to go through an assessment or not, unsure if they will “pass”. We want the assessment process to be a learning experience for programs. A way for programs to receive some helpful, outside feedback, and continually grow and improve in ways that will benefit the program, teachers, and children as well as the families and community. A program will have a better experience if they approach an assessment as a learning experience, rather than as a test or pass/ fail. How do you approach programs that are debating on whether or not to have an assessment? Do you have any words of wisdom or encouragement you often use?

Melissa Wagner

Melissa Wagner

Melissa Wagner is an Early Childhood Coordinator with Iowa State University Extension & Outreach. Melissa has over 10 years of experience with the Environment Rating Scales as an assessor for research projects and Iowa's Quality Rating System and now as the ERS Training project coordinator. Melissa loves hearing success stories about providers who have made great strides to improve the quality of care within their program. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, camping, and house projects.

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