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How lucky can a girl get? While some people get tired of traveling, I enjoy work trips to new cities, maybe it is the change from small town/rural life. Usually there is time to explore the town and sample local fare. I recently had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful city of Charleston, S.C.

Granted, I had the tourist perspective – staying in the historic district, taking a horse drawn carriage ride, walking along the harbor, and dining on some great seafood. Farmer’s market season is in swing and there was a huge market (at least when compared to scale of most Iowa towns) in Marion park. The fresh strawberries looked delicious – the raw milk less tempting. Vendors were promoting the benefits of raw milk – while I am sure in their minds these were true, I am concerned about the risks inherent in drinking milk that has not been pasteurized. The quick heat treatment kills the bacteria that can cause illness. There are good bacteria of course – am sure you have seen the commercials about pro-biotics in some new yogurt products. But many states don’t allow the sale of raw milk because the science shows it is not safe. South Carolina obviously is one of several states that allow this product to be sold. Me, I wasn’t interested.



Catherine Hemphill Strohbehn has been a faculty member at Iowa State University in the Hospitality Management Program for 30 years. She is a State Specialist with Human Sciences Extension and Outreach at Iowa State University. As part of her work, she conducts research, develops educational materials and provides programs to help retail foodservices use their resources effectively and ensure safe food is served. Cathy is a registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Certified Professional in Food Safety from the National Environmental Health Association.

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