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I have been writing this SafeFood Blog for about ten years now. My, time does fly! Sharing my two cents about safe food along the food chain has been an outreach effort that I have enjoyed. Thanks to those of you who have read this blog over the years and to those who have provided feedback. Having conversations about safe food handling is what it is all about!  My last day with Iowa State University as the Extension Specialist focused on retail food safety is August 7th. Until this position is filled, the SafeFood blog will go on hiatus. But wait, there are other blogs for those interested in retail and consumer food safety issues. Our Answer Line blog addresses a variety of consumer issues including food handling and preparation. Another ISU blog is from the Spend Smart Eat Smart team in which they dish out “good to know” tips on getting bang for your food buck. A company that sells disposable gloves (FoodHandler) also sponsors a blog called SafeBites that my friend and former ISU colleague, Dr. Jeannie Sneed, and I will be writing. And yet another blog is called Food Safety News and is sponsored by legal whiz and safe food advocate Bill Marler’s law firm. So, there is no shortage of credible sources for safe food handling updates. All of these can be subscribed to which means a steady helping  of reliable info can be delivered to your inbox helping you keep up on what is new with food safety.  SafeFood Forever!




Catherine Hemphill Strohbehn has been a faculty member at Iowa State University in the Hospitality Management Program for 30 years. She is a State Specialist with Human Sciences Extension and Outreach at Iowa State University. As part of her work, she conducts research, develops educational materials and provides programs to help retail foodservices use their resources effectively and ensure safe food is served. Cathy is a registered dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Certified Professional in Food Safety from the National Environmental Health Association.

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