Annual Fiscal Condition Reports, FYE 2019 are now available

The Annual Fiscal Condition Reports, FYE 2019 for all cities and counties in Iowa are now available on the Iowa Government Finance Initiative (IGFI) website. The individual reports include revenue and expenditure indicators that track fiscal performance of cities in Iowa. They also include legislative updates that impact city finances.

Published annually for the past four years, the reports use the latest US Census data to provide key socioeconomic indicators for each city that provide the context in which the financial data can be understood. Biswa Das, an assistant professor in community and regional planning at Iowa State University, is the IGFI program leader. Co-authors include Chris Seeger, Professor, Landscape Architecture, Bailey Hanson and Erin Mullenix, Iowa League of Cities and ISU Extension and Outreach. Questions can be directed to Biswa Das,