Little Things Add Up

Have you ever paid attention to how much money you spend during a day? Do you make regular daily purchases, such as coffee or pop?

The little things add up quickly:

  • If a can of pop is$1.00, then a daily pop adds up to $365 per year.
  • If you eat fast food lunch each workday and spend $5 to $9, that totals $25 to $45 per week. As a monthly expense, that equals $100 – $180, and the yearly total is $1250 to $2250 (50 weeks).

You can trim your spending money by cutting back on cups of coffee or try more “brownbagging” for lunch.  If you decide to cut back or do without, you may save a lot of money!

Suggestion:  estimate your “little spending” by writing down your frequent expenses and estimating how often you make those purchases.  You may be surprised at the total. 

Here is an example:
Item              How often           Price            Potential savings/year
Magazine          1/week                 $5.00                $260.00

Try it for yourself – see how much you are spending on small stuff. See how much you can save.

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor

Resources are important whether you are looking to rent your first apartment, pay your bills, buy your first home or send your child to college. There are many ways to save money to reach your goals, and hopefully ISU Money Tip$ will be one of them. I enjoy traveling, needlework and am a novice gardener.

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