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In The Heat of The Fall; The Cold Winter is Coming

September 13, 2012

It may be hard to think about sleet and blowing snow when we have been enjoying fall weather, but it is not too soon to think about making your home more energy efficient.  I talked recently with a lady who lives in an older home with high energy costs. The lady had put in new windows, which had helped, but her monthly utility bills were still much higher than mine.

What kind of things can a homeowner do to tighten up your home? Install an Energy Star programmable thermostat, so that you heat and cool your home only when you are there.  This can reduce your heating bills by as much as five percent during the winter season.

Insulation saves energy too.  We think first of attics, which is usually first priority, but savings can come from insulating exterior walls, under floors, around heat ducts and hot water pipes too.

Fix air leaks around windows, doors, electrical outlet and where pipes and wires enter the home in the walls and attics. Use foam inserts, weather stripping, and caulk to seal the air leaks.  Utility companies do offer energy audits.

Using a surge power strip that has controlled outlet and uncontrolled outlet can save you energy on your TV, computer and audio equipment.


Susan Taylor

Susan Taylor

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