Do You Need a “Shopping Emergency” Card?

Need help curbing your spending? We all engage in ineffective or wasteful buying at times, which can prevent us from reaching our goals. 

When your will power lets you down, review these questions.  Be sure to answer honestly!

  •  emergencyWill this purchase meet one of my goals?
  • Do I really want or need it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • What must I give up to have it?
  • Am I buying this only because it’s on sale?
  • Would I buy this if I had to pay cash?
  • Am I buying because I’m depressed?
  • Would I come back tomorrow to buy this?
  • How much do I owe on my credit card this month?
  • If I charge this, can I pay off this month’s bill?
  • Could I feel better now without spending money?

Put these questions in your wallet and pull them out before getting in the checkout line or clicking the website’s checkout button!


Susan Taylor

Resources are important whether you are looking to rent your first apartment, pay your bills, buy your first home or send your child to college. There are many ways to save money to reach your goals, and hopefully ISU Money Tip$ will be one of them. I enjoy traveling, needlework and am a novice gardener.

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