To Buy or Borrow?

My family just returned from a camping trip in the mountains of Montana. Our decision as to where to camp was determined by the fact that not all campsites would allow soft-sided tents and campers because of bears living in the area. We drove up into the mountains to picnic, visit sites and see the wildlife…including bears. Those that were serious hikers wore bells so bears would hear them coming; as to not surprise the bears that might be along the path. Hikers also carry BEAR SPRAY…a kind of “pepper spray” to temporarily blind a bear, giving a hiker a chance to escape, if they did come upon a bear. This product was sold in all the shops for more than $50 for a small spray can…OR you could rent a can. If you were a visitor to the area, and would not have use for the spray once you returned home, renting was a good option. At $10 per day rental, you would have to spend more than 5 days hiking to justify buying the can of spray.

Our son almost purchased a family pass at their local pool because that is what they had always done. At the last minute, he changed his mind and decided to buy a couple of punch cards. They have hired a high school girl to watch their oldest child for the summer, and wanted their daughter and the sitter to be able to spend time at the pool. The family pass would not cover a caregiver…only family members. When he added up the number of times they visited the pool, divided that into the cost of the family pass, it made more financial sense to buy the punch passes instead of the family season ticket.

I can think of many times where a decision to rent or borrow was a better financial choice…like borrowing an expensive tool that you would only use once or twice. I can also think of times where I mindlessly purchased something rather than looking for a more economical way of doing something…just because it was easier, faster or just “the way I’ve always done something.” How about you? What are some ways you have accomplished something without actually buying something?

Brenda Schmitt

Brenda Schmitt

A Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Family Finance Field Specialist helping North Central Iowans make the most of their money.

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