Navigation Apps- Failures

View of a car's dashboard, steering wheel, and street ahead.

My glove box is full of printed maps and I carry a road atlas with me on vacations. Even when my car was equipped with a navigation system, I still planned my trips with the aid of a printed map.

My experience using electronic navigation aids has been mixed. In the very early days of the programs, our home address was entered on a road one mile south of its actual location. Delivery van drivers had to be warned not to rely on them. We Extension field staff frequently have programs in unfamiliar locations and the apps have been helpful, but I’ve also had experiences with closed roads and wrong locations. This lack of reliability has taught me to allow ample time to search again when I land at the wrong place and ask a local resident for directions.

When it comes to travel, understanding how navigation systems work can help you pick the best one for the job. Examples of features that improve their guidance would be using traffic congestion to direct you to routes that are longer, but less likely to result in a white knuckle drive or traffic jams. Several commercial sites are available that rate the apps and share details about their operation.

Using navigation apps to locate specific nearby businesses and repair services has its own set of problems. One major navigation app has recently come under fire for a serious flaw in its program. Fake business listings are hijacking the names of real businesses, and then providing a phone number that calls a scam artist. The scammer is able to enter the fake business in multiple locations, making it more likely to appear early in the search results.

In the spirit of “buyer beware” it makes sense to use personal sources whenever possible for reliable contact information. Confirm business numbers by cross checking in a local directory or phone book. The Better Business Bureau or local Chamber office is also a source to confirm a location and phone number. Use the police department’s regular phone number if you can find no other source to confirm your information. IMPORTANT NOTE: 911 should only be used for an emergency.

Joyce Lash

Joyce Lash

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